Fashion how the global market is changing seasonal collections

Next month, the fashion world begins its bi-annual merry-go-round of fashion shows. This time around, designers and brands in New York, London, Milan and Paris will be showing collections for autumn/winter 2013. That might, in most people’s minds, denote the colours of falling leaves, coats, opaque tights, hats and gloves … what we wear when the weather changes, right? Wrong. In recent years, winter collections have included exotic hothouse flowers and miniskirts with bare legs and sunglasses, while the most recent round of summer shows featured layering, coats and a whole lot of very winter-worthy black.


This isn’t just designers getting confused – instead, it’s part of a bigger trend towards a sort of seasonless style. In a world where we spend time in artificially cold or warm environments thanks to air conditioning and central heating, the demarcations between the seasons are not as clear as they once were. Add the wash-out summers and warmer winters created by climate change, plus the growing global market for high fashion, and the blurring makes even

What Celebrities and other Fashionable People will be wearing this Fall…and How to Get the Look

Every year around this time, I grow tired of my summer clothes and the way my bare thighs to stick to my leather car seat. Thankfully, just as I’m dreaming of cozy sweaters and tall boots, warm fires and chilly nights, designers introduce their fall collections, magazine editors plaster the goods across glossy spreads, and models and actors start to wear them.

If you’re like me and you’re dreaming of cool weather fashions, here’s a sneak peek at what’s hot for the coming season. These are the top trends that came down the runway for fall-and the ones that are showing up on your favorite stylish A-lister. Adopt these looks if they suit you, or mix and match the trends you like-the ones that fit your body and your personality. Get a leg up on shopping now, and, come fall, you’ll look super chic-just like your favorite star. Miscellaneous
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Ruffled blouses: In stark contrast to the menswear-inspired suits designers are showcasing for fall (more later), the ruffled blouses they’re pushing are sweetly and seductively feminine. This season’s styles are delicate, gauzy and soft,

Fabric Identification

One needs to understand the process of burn test for knowing the meaning of fabric identifications.

A simple burn test is done to identify unknown fabrics. The burn test for the identification of fabric should be done only by skilled burners. It is usually done by many fabric stores and designers to determine the exact fiber content. Some fabrics ignite and some melt. Burn test fail to distinguish between cotton and other cellulose fibers. Some fabric also have finishes that effect burn results.


The method of fabric recognition is significant which is done at the factories. The necessary official procedure of burn tests are conducted at the particular workshops. The fabric materials are appeased and rightly labeled on the basis of the burning fiber smell and melting. Such method helps to find out the structure of fabrics.

There are several weaving and textile factories the around the world that produces the excellent fabrics and manufactures the garments from it.

The significant quantities of different textile products created by these countries are in great demands and are procured by various weaving companies. Many renowned designers also buy

Pakistani Lehenga Choli Images

Lehengas are those form of attires that are usually employed in Asian countries in their wedding ceremonies .The Asian countries that uses this sort of outfit in their functions includes chiefly Pakistan and India .As the Indian and Pakistani women are terribly keen on sporting lehenga choli in their functions, so this apparel is that the most vital apparel as compared to different dresses .Also this dress is that the most favorite dress of young women .

  • How does trend of wearing lehenga starts?

The trend of sporting lehenga choli originates from the Mughal era .Because at that point, the women of the palace want to wear lehenga choli in their daily routine .Sporting this dress as an informal wear was the trend of that era . Not solely the women of the palace, rather the maids of the palace conjointly want to wear lehenga choli in their daily routine .As in Mughal era, there was no discrimination regarding World Health Organization is that the Indian girl and World Health Organization is that the Pakistani girl .Thus, after the separation, this trend of sporting lehenga choli became common additionally as notable in each the countries of Asian nation and West Pakistan .

  • Wedding functions lehenga choli:

In the wedding functions, either it’s the marriage operate of Indian culture or Pakistani culture, the style of sporting lehenga choli can never fade or gets recent. Particularly young women like to wear this dress in mehendi functions .And the bride conjointly wear this lehenga choli costume in her wedding functions .There is no restriction that one will wear lehenga solely in mehendi operate rather one will wear this outfit in any operate they require either it’s Barat, Valima or any form of operate .

Reasons to find sherwani in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India, and it truly maintains its position in many ways. This city has a lot to offer. From different foods to different garments to different sights and monuments Delhi has a difference that none can compete too. This is one probable reason why buying garments from Delhi is a better option also. There are a lot of various types of ethnics that can be found at the markets of Delhi. There are many different reasons that one should go and find sherwanis from Delhi. If one goes through this particular article, then they can know that why buying sherwani from Delhi is a smart option.

The Northern Impact:

This is the very first reason that can be considered while buying sherwanis from Delhi. Sherwani is a northern discovery. Basically, people from the north had started with wearing of these. As winter is extremely chilly in thenorth and the winter is the season when most of the weddings take place, the Sherwanis were discovered with the concept of working as stylish yet warm clothing. One can say that this concept slowly began to spread. Delhi has a huge impact of

Review of Nigerian Textiles Industry

Milieu: Albeit conventional textiles manufacturing is some hundreds of years old diligence, engaged in by Nigerians focusing on the textiles production of a wider range, hardly some five decades ago when the industrial productions were initiated. Anyway, the industry got further thrust during the year 1956 when Kaduna Textile Mills was founded which was later followed by United Nigeria Textiles during the year 1962. Several other mills like Enpee, Aswani and Asaba were also founded subsequently. However, the condition of textiles industry is extremely poor almost for the past decade which has resulted in closure of Kaduna and Enpee Mills along with some 70 other textiles mills.
Due to the bulk imports of textiles at quite lower rates than domestic production costing, numerous mills faced insolvency followed by the mass retrenchments of its workers. However, this condition was further exaggerated by illegitimate imports across the borders from Cotonou. Thus the Nigerian Textiles industry is consequently in the difficult condition probably facing extended losses on the monetary and employment perceptions.

Major activities: Textiles Industry chiefly includes production of cotton and synthetic fabrics. The manufacturing of fabrics have observed the hike over the years in the

This Autumn”s Footwear Fashion Platforms and Booties

Sarah Jessica Parker famously made Manolo Blahnik a household name in Sex and the City. However, long before the erstwhile Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends made the legendary shoe designer a figure of mass consumption, “Manolo’s” were already an essential item in the celebrity world and amongst the fashion elite. But today, as more and more people demand their goods, how can the Manolos, Jimmy Choos and Vivienne Westwoods of the world still get away with charging women thousands of pounds for their shoes? The simple explanation – women love shoes – may seem an overused stereotype but it is, sadly or not, very true.

Take one of the leading shoe trends for Autumn 2006: the platform. Chunky heels are once again all the rage, but they owe more to 1980s decadence than to the Swinging Sixties. The recent return to the skinny jeans and leggings of the Bananarama age has prompted a comeback for the heavy platform and the stacked heel. But don’t get carried away with images of Olivia Newton John trying desperately to extinguish her cigarette with her killer heel at the end of Grease – stacked platforms may also be worn with a bell-shaped

Are Trendy Fashion Freaks Fashionable

Why is it we all take most things in life for granted and one of those being fashion? How can we take fashion for granted you may well ask? Well that is a simple question to answer. When the latest trend in vibrant fashion colours hit the stores or shopping outlets – what do you do – yes you got it in one – you take it for granted that you need to rush out and buy a piece of the action – this could be fashion jewellery – shoes or clothes etc.

What is the meaning of the word fashion – well it is explained as a characteristic or habitual practice. Another is that it is the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics behaviour. Fashion consists of a current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual.

When a trend is set – people from all walks of life tend to follow the latest fashion craze or mania on the market and why not – because it is – the in thing, BUT you have to bear in mind that everyone else is also wearing the in thing.

It is sad that

7 Things You Need For a Sexy Tropical Capsule Wardrobe

When you go on a tropical vacation, you can pack light, yet look chic. All you need are just 7 items of clothing to last you through your entire vacation.

By mixing and matching these items, you get plenty of sexy outfits. Outfits that let you look your gorgeous best. Imagine the look on the faces of the hunks around you when you show up as a stunning, effortlessly beautiful beach babe.

Before we start, pick your color scheme. What colors look best on you. Pick 2 or 3 colors that make you look really good, and which go really well with one another. If you are uncertain, you could stick to just black and white, or a bright color and black.


Let’s begin.

#1 Your swimwear. This is where your beach wardrobe begins. You can match your swimwear with your skirts for new looks as you go from the beach, to the bar for a drink. That swim suit can double up as a body suit. A bikini top could double up as a midriff baring halter top. Choose carefully though. If you have a tummy, a one piece swimsuit that holds in your waist would minimize

Plasma Treatment of Textile Fibers

Abstract: Low-temperature plasma technology-both glow discharge under reduced pressure as well as barrier discharge under normal pressure-are well established in different industrial applications. Since recently, however, the plasma technology is being introduced in textile industry as well. Fields of application are desizing, fictionalizing, and design of surface properties of textile fibers. Plasma technology is suitable to modify the chemical structure as well as the topography of the surface of the material. Examples of natural as well as man-made fibers prove the enormous potential of plasma treatment of textile materials. It has proven to be successful in shrink-resist treatment of wool with a simultaneously positive effect on the dyeing and printing. Not only the chemical structure of the surface is modified using different plasma gases but also the topography of the surface. A highly hydrophobic surface with a particular surface topography in contact with water is extremely dust- and dirt-repellent and hence should be repellent to bacteria and fungi. Man-made fibers to be used under chemical stress are modified with diffusion-barrier layers on their surfaces without modifying the bulk properties; hence, the stability of those fibers is significantly improved.


The general reactions to be achieved

Fashion Dips Its Toes Back Into Colored, Patterned Hosiery

If you want to get a leg up on the fashion trends for this fall, give some thought to hosiery. It’s becoming one of the most influential fashion accessories of the season.

“The overall theme for the fall is ladylike dressing, and a major part of that package is covered legs,” says Edgar Trinidad, spokesman for the Fashion Association in New York.

The renewed popularity of hosiery makes sense for several reasons. For one, hosiery offers women a quick, easy and affordable way to update their wardrobes. But perhaps the most important reason to welcome the return of the covered leg, as opposed to the bare leg that fashionistas tried to push last winter, is pragmatic.

“It’s ridiculous to go without hose in the middle of winter,” says Deborah Boria, executive director of merchandising and design for Sara Lee Hosiery, makers of the Donna Karan, DKNY, Hanes and L’Eggs lines.

So what are the trends to try? Here’s a breakdown.

Color: “The colored leg is back in both sheer and opaque fabrications, especially in shades of burgundy, wine, plum, eggplant, brown, orange and russet,” says Irenka Jakubiak, editor-in-chief of the

Wise up to these dumb fashion trends

We’ve all had that sinking feeling, the “What was I thinking?” moment when we look at an old photo and can’t believe we appeared in public looking that way.

As we start a new decade, let’s take a look at some recent fashion and style trends — those worth keeping and the ones whose searing images cry out for a bonfire.

Laugh-out-loud platform shoes

You can’t walk in them, these stepladders for your feet. “They’re for beauty queens and drag queens,” says Susan Swimmer, fashion features editor for More magazine. True: They make your legs look longer. False: They’re pretty or even remotely practical. More appealing footwear trends to continue in the new decade are flat riding boots and ballet flats, plain or embellished, in leather, suede, metallics and animal prints.

Navel gazing

The single worst idea in many decades was the notion that grown women should show off their naked stomachs.

Low-slung jeans gave even the skinniest women an unsightly muffin top spillover.

Pairing these with a crop top that stops above the belly button has fashion disaster written all over it.

The proliferation of jean options in the last decade is

Rosanna Bowles strives to stay ahead of the pack

One of the outstanding designers in the tabletop industry, Rosanna Bowles has the uncanny ability to dish out the forecasts for coming trends ahead of the rest of the marketplace.

The president of Seattle-based Rosanna Inc., Bowles has produced exclusive designs for Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma for 20 years. She also has produced plates for Crate&Barrel, Neiman Marcus, Horchow’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other major retailers

Her fresh concepts are what make her tabletop wares exceptional. The motifs are unlike anything seen elsewhere — as in her recent edition of outsized hot-chocolate cups in pale blue, sides adorned with drizzly chocolate lettering in various European languages, with dessert plates to match. Bowles was interviewed recently at the International Home & Housewares Show at McCormick Place.

Q. How are you able to stay at the forefront of trends in your industry?

A. We really look to what is happening in the fashion world. . . . The trends start in fashion, but they take a few years to appear in housewares.

Q. How do you track the fashion trends?

A. I go to Europe a lot. It is a

It’s ba ck Poncho shoulders sales load

Apparel retailers across the country have been begging for something new, a fresh look that every woman doesn’t already have in her closet.

This summer they got one: the poncho.

Crocheted with airy holes, off-the-shoulder or down to the knee, the ’70s-era accessory has made a big-time comeback and is a hot product for clothing retailers headed into the fall shopping season.

Teenagers are wearing ponchos. So are their mothers and grandmothers. There aren’t many fashion trends that can claim such reach.

Adding to the poncho’s appeal, it disguises less-than-buff arms and comes in a friendly one-size-fits-all.

“Women got tired of everything being so body-conscious and bare,” explains David Wolfe, creative director with the Doneger Group, a consulting firm that advises retailers on fashion trends. “The poncho hides a multitude of sins.”

Retailers from top to bottom have embraced the once-utilitarian cover-up. At the low-end, Wal-Mart has them displayed front and center in refurbished apparel departments. At the high end, Neiman Marcus is showing a striped cashmere poncho in brown, black and gray for $245.

In between, Marshall Field’s is offering a black open-knit poncho for $29.99, while Target is

Photos ride ‘Soul Train’ back in time

The instructions for the dancers were simple enough: no jeans, no sneakers, no see-through tops — and no looking straight into the camera!

Those were the directions included in a letter informing a couple that they had made their way into the circle of the “Soul Train” dancers. That letter is now on display at the Expo 72 gallery in an exhibition about the legendary dance-and-music show that was first recorded on Aug. 17, 1970, in Chicago. With more than 1,100 hours on air, “Soul Train” went on to become the longest-running first-run syndicated program in U.S. television history.

The “Soul Train Photo Exhibition” looks back at the show, a massive force that propelled the careers of artists such as Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and a number of other soul music artists. It also became a point of reference for black culture, fashion and lifestyle.

The exhibition’s curator, Nathan Mason of the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, has turned the gallery into a little “Soul Train” studio, a cross between a kid’s birthday party and classic disco. At the entry there’s the Soul

Designs let bridesmaids dress for success after the wedding

Great news for bridesmaids: No longer must they look like bridesmaids.

The development has been a long time coming. There are still plenty of flouncy, shiny horrors that are essentially costly throw-aways, but sophisticated designers are making dresses that could be mistaken for regular outfits.

Even some designers consider the word “bridesmaid” akin to a slur. “Our bridesmaids’ dresses are never too bridesmaid-y,” said Beth Blake, co-owner of Thread, whose delicate, streamlined dresses are available online at

This season, designers have explored putting big floral prints on bridesmaids’ dresses as well as using sashes and layering of lightweight material for a more fluttering feel. Strong colors pervaded runways last year and those hot pinks, bright oranges and forceful blues have found their way into this year’s weddings.

Fall will bring the usual muted tones of deep reds, blues and browns. But designers are sometimes adding playful highlights. Thread, for instance, has put pink accents on chocolate and paired red with orange.

The movement to bring dignity to bridesmaids has meant more separates, less taffeta and higher hemlines. It has also meant that brides-to-be

Keep curls alive with proper care

Even though it might seem as if everyone around you has pin-straight hair, there really are people with naturally curly, naturally beautiful locks, according to New York stylist Christo.

Most women, though, have been hiding their curls to fit in with the fashion trends.

Christo, who has specialized in curly hair for many years and recently launched a line of Curlogic Systems hair-care products, says taming curly hair only takes as much time and effort as blow-drying the hair straight.

“People with curly hair need to do their part, but the results are worth it,” Christo says.

If they adopt the right techniques, women with curly hair can do all the things that women with straight hair can do, including short cuts, outrageous colors, layers, an updo or a ponytail.

Christo offers the following tips:

– If you color your hair, use a gradual, medium-weaving process because chunky highlights will only hit the tops of the curls. If you ever blow-dry your hair straight or pull it back, the color will appear splotchy.

– Don’t cut too many short layers, which will

Meet the Inspiring Founders of Accessories E-Tailer The Editorialist

I was perusing Vogue‘s March issue when I happened upon an interesting mention that caught my eye: Two (albeit young) veterans of the fashion magazine industry had taken their know-how and launched a brand new e-commerce site called The Editorialist. The new site promised to fill a void in high-end online retail by focusing on accessories, but not just any baubles. As arbiters of discerning taste, the two former-editors-turned-entrepreneurs were delivering up the most coveted pretties on the market. With their connections and good taste, they’re bringing exclusive collaborations and industry information to online shopping. Needless to say, I was intrigued. A trendy piece of clothing can be worn for a season, maybe two, but a high quality piece of jewelry can be worn for life. So I jumped at the chance for a Q & A with the founders, to find out in their own words what inspired them, where they hail from and what their upcoming favorites are. Between us, this is going to be my one-stop for all information accessories related. The Editorialist offers not only the opportunity to purchase, but an online concierge service, news, interviews, videos and trend reports.

theFashionSpot: For the record, state full names, please.

Runway to Real Life Rachel Bilson in Chanel, Jessica Chastain in Gucci and More Forum Buzz

Rachel Bilson in Chanel Resort 2013

Rachel Bilson attended a benefit hosted by Chanel wearing a dress from the brand’s Resort 2013 collection. She ditched the ornate jewels from the runway and instead of pairing the pretty pastel confection with pink creepers, went with a simple strappy silver sandal.

“Rachel Bilson looks so effortless and cute in that Chanel dress,” fluxxx posted.

Melly5525 agreed. “Rachel looks just dreamy in that Chanel dress,” she wrote. “Definitely the best of the event.”

“Hello, good looking,” Versace-Goddess said when she saw Rose Byrne rocking this Emilio Pucci dress from the brand’s Fall 2013 collection.

Rose’s tan skin glowed against the cream-colored dress and she kept her styling simple with shiny satin pumps in pinkish hue.

Brit Marling went for a jumpsuit from Alexander Wang’s debut collection for Balenciaga. She kept her hair soft and tumbling (rather than sleek and pulled back as shown on the runway) but would have looked better had she stuck with the pointy-toed runway pumps. Her black peep-toes lack the edge that her jumpsuit demands.

Jessica Chastain attended a Gucci-sponsored event, wearing of course, a look from Gucci’s Fall 2013 collection. She worked the femme

Get Angelina Jolie’s Simple Look with Just 5 Products

Why we like it: We love Angelina for her simple beauty. It’s often difficult to look both polished and natural and Angelina nails it almost every time. This look would be perfect for a summer dinner party and would transition well from day to night.

How to get it at home: With ‘natural’ looks, it’s easy to go product overboard. A simple look such as this should be as simple to apply as it is to wear. There’s no need for 15 products when you could accomplish it with just a few.

  1. We suggest starting with an all-in-one base, such as The Foundation Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($66), but apply it with your fingers for a more natural finish. Staying matte in the summer can be hard so why not let your base pull double duty.
  2. Lightly define your brows using a powder, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($23), but feel free to skip this step if your brows can stand out on their own.
  3. If you want a natural-looking eye that has a bit of depth, try a cream shadow, such as BECCA’s Eye Tint